Science of Human Anatomy deals with the structure of human body. The first year BDS program requires this as an essential subject, because without proper knowledge of the anatomical structures, it is impossible to understand how the organs function and the body movements take place. The department consists of a highly skilled and trained faculty. The science of Anatomy has subdivisions of Histology, Embryology, Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy. The students are taught detailed functional anatomy of Human Head and Neck including the nervous system, embryological deve-lopment of important organs and the structural architecture of cells and tissues at microscopic level. By the end of the session it is expected that a strong relevant anatomical foundation is laid. Students will have access to microscopes, human cadavers in the dissection hall, dissected models and specimens, histological specimens, embryology models, overhead projectors and IT equipment. There is a separate Anatomy museum which has a vast display of anatomical structures, 3D models and a large collection of skulls and bones. The study of anatomy with special emphasis on clinical aspects enable students to develop the basic core of human anatomy in relation to problem based learning.

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