In 1999 a State-Of-The-Art Campus was built at Korangi Creek. Over the years this locality provides safe and peaceful environment to many prestigious schools, colleges and institutes. It has now developed into an educational enclave.

The Pre-Clinical Campus is acknowledged by all for its suitable design and functionality. It has spacious air conditioned lecture halls. Each Department has Laboratories, Seminar Area, Museum, well stocked Library supported by an I.T. Centre, with high speed internet video conferencing system, providing the faculty and students with video lectures, e-books and over 8000 medical journals. This campus also houses an air-conditioned auditorium with capacity of 400 persons. The auditorium is a popular venue for various Students Activities, Social Events and Numerous National & International Medical and Dental Seminars & Conferences.


Science of Human Anatomy deals with the structure of human body. The first year BDS program requires this as an essential subject, because without proper knowledge of the anatomical structures, it is impossible to understand how the organs function and the body movements take place. The department consists of a highly skilled and trained faculty. The science of Anatomy has subdivisions of Histology, Embryology, Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy.



The Department of Biochemistry is a wonderland for anyone who loves to work with chemicals and carry out experiments. The department has well trained faculty members who demonstrate the working of different chemicals, their biological effects and interactions between biological and chemical elements.The basic aim is to provide a thorough under-standing of the core principles and topics of Biochemistry and their experimental basis, and to enable students to acquire a specialized knowledge and understanding of selected aspects by means of a lecture series and research projects.



Physiology is the study of how the body works. The systems of the body including the cardiovascular, respiratory, neural, renal, endocrine, gastrointestinal and reproductive systems are examined using approaches ranging from molecular and cellular to whole organism levels. The Department of Physiology is one of the most well equipped departments in the college.



The subject of Oral biology has three major areas: Tooth morphology, Oral Histology and Oral Embryology. The students gain knowledge about the structure and development of tooth and its surrounding structures. Dentists apply this understanding for the diagnosis of various conditions associated with oral hard and soft tissue abnormalities.



Pharmacology is the branch of science which deals with the study of drugs and their interaction with the human body. This subject is taught in the 2nd year of BDS Professional studies. The academic staff share a commitment to top-quality teaching which emphasizes general principles and integrates into it the latest findings of modern research.



Science of Dental Materials is one of the many required courses in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Program. It is important to understand the fundamental properties, composition, chemistry of dental product, behavior of dental materials in the delivery of quality patient care. A dentist must understand why specific materials behave as they do and why they are used for certain application in certain locations to treat the oral-dental diseases.



The subject of pathology is the science which deals with the study and diagnosis of diseases afflicting the normal healthy cells. The department of pathology has separated the subject into three main categories: General pathology, Special pathology and Microbiology. The division of the subject helps to focus more on each area. Separate labs/experiments and tutorials are conducted for each division.



Community dentistry is a subject taught by the department of Public Health. Oral health problems are a major health dilemma in our society. This is mostly due to lack of oral health awareness amongst the population especially those with low socio-economic status. The goal of this dental specialty is to increase oral health awareness in our society thereby preventing the occurrence of such problems.


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