Science of Dental Materials is one of the many required courses in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Program. It is important to understand the fundamental properties, composition, chemistry of dental product, behavior of dental materials in the delivery of quality patient care. A dentist must understand why specific materials behave as they do and why they are used for certain application in certain locations to treat the oral-dental diseases. Therefore, undergraduate dental students studying Science of Dental Materials will gain knowledge to understand the scope of dental materials’ structure and properties relationship, careful manipulation and clinical correlation of dental materials. Students will learn how to use various materials like waxes, wires, acrylic to make dentures, and use silver mercury, composites and other such materials for various dental treat-ments. The dental material laboratory of FJDC is an exceptional setup which has been used as an example by other institutes. The students will also work on high-tech phantom heads, which simulate the real oral cavity, complete with mouth and teeth, on which students can horn their skills.

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