The department has a reputation of being dedicated to excellence. The faculty and staff are committed to upholding and enhancing that tradition. The Orthodontics treatment of FJDC attracts patients from all over the city as it is trusted for providing removal and fixed braces and related treatment of international standards on cost to cost basis. Since its inception it has been engaged in teaching, patient care and research.

The curriculum consists of subject matter that has direct application in orthodontic practice. Examples are orthodontic topics covering etiology, diagnosis, and treatment planning; applied clinical orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics; cephalometrics, and other auxiliary imaging methods; bio-mechanical principles; anatomy; growth and development; surgical orthodontics; craniofacial anomalies; embryology; biostatistics; metallurgy of orthodontic materials etc. Aesthetic cosmetic and reformative dentistry is what orthodontics is all about. It moves mountains to change faces.

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