It is one of the major departments in the hospital with large number of patients benefitting from skilled personal and at affordable rates. Within the field of dentistry, considerable significance is attached to dental prosthetics. It includes partial and complete dentures, crowns, bridges, implants and implant related dentures. The curriculum is structured to deliver information through lectures, seminars, and clinical overview of patient care. We continually review new material and associated techniques to assure appropriately researched new technologies and their incorporation into the training program, while at the same time, using evidence based information which is the core for our teaching procedure. The department is responsible for educating students to be competent in treatment and management of patients who require comprehensive diagnosis, treatment plan and sequence of treatment in general prosthodontic therapy, commonly found in general dental practice. This department is extensively involved in the following areas: The curriculum is centered in biologic diseases, treatment modalities in prosthodontics which include (fixed, removable partial denture, complete denture, implant prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry) and its delivery, within the limitation of available biomaterial support and patient management. It stimulates students to apply knowledge gained from courses for preclinical problem solving during their preclinical studies as well as clinical problem solving throughout their clinical junior and senior years. Correlation between knowledge gained in different departments is the key to success in prosthodontics.

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